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Israel Trips
this blog describes the hikeing trips of two israelies in the beautifull israel
you are welcome to read our trips notes and watch the tracks pictures
yours y-trip team

Arbel - A River' A Fortress and settlement

We started our trip in Moshav Arbel (Arbel settlement), next to Tiberias, on road number 7717. We parked our car close to the Moshav gate, and started walking towards Arbel mountain on an asphalt road (passable by cars to those who are not interested in walking), the road goes north-west from the gate and surrounds the Moshav.

Alexander River - from Ma'abarot to the Mediterranean Sea

a wintry Friday gives a small amount of light hours for travel, and leads us towards a trip next to the house on Alexander river. A quick hitchhike with one of my family members to Kibbutz Ma'abarot's gate, going under the bridge, and suddenly, we find ourselves on the bank of Alexander river which flows strongly.

So, a combination of a cold day and two cars,
got us to the way going down from the mysterious place called
"Tamrur cliff"  through Bokek stream, to Ein Bokek which is located a
little bit east to the dead-sea hotels.

The dripstones cave - Fossils of water

One of the friendliest courses for a first degree science student, is introduction to geology - and what is this course with out a trip to a dripstones cave?
In order not to make our readers fall asleep, we won't explain the chemistry aspect of the creation of the dripstones, stalagmites, ears and much more other amazing art works.

 Acquaintance trips - Afek Park

Friday, 8 O'clock in the morning. We started our trip in Rosh Ha'Ain market - "Ramlle market". Cooked food and nice clothes are sold there for very cheap prices. How cheap you ask? There was an announcer who sold women shirts for 1 shekel each!!! The excitement was respectively. We hanged around the market for a while, until everyone arrived.

When visiting Jerusalem we don’t bother to plan ahead, its just not necessary, where ever we put our feet its an interesting, historical beautiful or surprising
This time we started our trip in a small parking lot at the front of mount Zion hotel (on Hebron road) and headed to the old city threw Hebron road. On the way we entered a small museum that holds the cable car that in the days of Israel independence war used to pass weapons across the valley to Zion mountain warriors.

Hatira - Yamin  wadi the best the desert can offer

This year Passover brings besides of freedom spirit and good weather also guarding in the Negev parking lots in the courtesy of the local tourists association.
We take this opportunity to hike one of the most beautiful hikes that have lots of interest points – cisterns, dry waterfalls, observation points, giant rock cracks, and some challenge for this who fear from heights

April is the best month for flowers hiking, and this time we choose an easy hike to Ramat hanadiv.
All the area was bought and is being maintained (very good and without entry fee) by the baron Rotchild family, that he’s grave is found in the middle of amazing flower garden and around it several hiking trails marked in the local hiker marking that is bit different from the regular trails marking in Israel but is very clear and comfortable.

Lower Zavitan and hexagon pool - to the basalt pools

Reserve army duty is full of surprises, and this time surplus of recruited soldiers granted my trip partner a week of on the joint staff expense.
In army quickness we replaced the uniform in sun lotion and the Apc in company car and reported in the Yehudia parking on road 87

Yehudia- the  natural summer refresh

July august heat was less heavier this year, so we packed up our courage, frozen water bottles, sun protection cream and on we go to the Yehudia – the most wildest and beautiful of all the Golan streams, well known in its cool ponds, ladders and iron steps needed to cross the stream canyon

Wadi Rahaf – cisterns, dry falls and tristramies

End of spring, the temperatures starting to rise and soon the desert cool hiking season will be over and the summer furnace will come.
We catch the last day of the spring with reasonable temperatures and went hiking
from the Rahaf wadi cliffs up to Massada.

 trips in this web site were conducted by y-trip team

the trips are only for describing our personal trip and are not a trip suggestion
he who want to do one of this trips should consult the appropriate athorities
responsibility on conduting the trips will be on the hiker only.

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